Urban Rootz

Connecting Kids to Nature and their roots

We deliver monthly activity kits for 5 to10-year-olds at your doorstep at the beginning of each month.

Aimed at teaching children about plants, insects, birds, soil, and how nature connects with their life.

Each kit includes everything you need for children to connect with Nature: Indoor gardening, nature news, nature quiz, and nature crafts - along with instructions.

We provide the material needed for crafts, seeds for planting, and organic compost pellets in each kit, to enable our subscribers to get planting immediately.

Activities have been created by garden enthusiasts, qualified teachers, and support the well-rounded development of children who learn to appreciate and live in harmony with nature.

Shipping all over India....

Whats inside the kit?

Exploratory Activity

  • Learn on nature and  environment

  • Research on Environment

  • Quiz for self assessment

Indoor Gardening

  • Grow plants in balcony, terrace, or garden.

  • Clear and easy to follow instructions

  • Includes  seeds, and CocoPete

DIY Activities

  • 2 make your own nature craft activities

  • Instructions to reuse materials from home

  • Other materials included

  • Clear, easy to read instructions

Harini Ramachandran, DPS

Best opportunity to teach my kid about Nature. Urban Rootz has Easy to do activities- planting indoors and learning natural science.

Reusing items from home idea is what I loved the most

Arnav, 7 yrs Bangalore

I was so excited about making the bird feeder from the Urban Rootz kit. This was the best gift I got during the lockdown. I will do more of these and not get bored.

I cant wait to see the birds come to my house looking for food:)

Jawahar, Software Engineer

I  thought gardening is a strange thing to do in apartments, when I got this kit found out that all activities can be done indoors, including growing plants. Awesome concept to teach children. I will keep getting this every month.

How it works?

3 simple steps to get it delivered anywhere in India.


Select a subscription plan from Monthly, 3 monthly kit, 6 monthly kit, or annual and pay for it.

You save when you pick a quarterly or half-yearly or annual plans.

Receive Kit

Subscribers before the 30th of this month will receive their first kit before the 10th next month. Subscribers before the 5th of this month will be getting their kit by 15th this month. Orders beyond 15th will receive their kit next month.

Fun with Kit

Receive and enjoy activities with minimal adult supervision.

Post pictures of your child work on our social media pages.

Why subscribe?







The activities will help your children engage and connect with nature - helping them learn about and interact with plants and insects.

They will have fun growing their own vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs and creating their own crafts inspired by nature and the season.

No more hassle of finding materials. The kits will be delivered to your door with all the materials needed. Best stay-at- home activity for kids with minimal adult supervision. 

Outdoor Birthday Table

Thinking of a themed birthday party for your child?


Bulk order kits

Host activity party

Enjoy hosting 

Happy Kids :)



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